Welcome Aboard “The Spirit of 45: MERDEKA!”

IMG_3663Although still one month prior to the celebration of Indonesia Independence Day, they agreed to call their batch “The Spirit of 45: Merdeka!” It was announced at their Introduction Program held in Putri Duyung Ancol – Jakarta last Sunday (24/7/2011). They are the new students of MBA ITB batch 45 who will campus in Jakarta. They are divided into three MBA Jakarta programs: Business Leadership Executive MBA (BLEMBA), Executive MBA in Sharia Banking and Finance (BAShar), and MBA in Entrepreneurship (Entrée).

AFIarnOpened by Deputy Director for MBA Jakarta, Dr Yos Sunitiyoso, the Introduction Program consisted of more explanation from Senior Lecturer Dr Aries Firman on Active Learning adopted at MBA ITB as well as Learning with Cases in which was presented by other Senior Lecturer Adirizal Nizar, MBA. The sessions ended with an encouragement that this batch would produce a perfect GPA student at their Graduation Ceremony in 2012.

DLawAfter lunchtime, Vice Dean for Resources Dwi Larso, PhD on behalf of the Dean owned the stage. He welcomed the new students while at the same time he delivered strong information about SBM’s progress and improvement. The welcoming sessions were then closed with the presentation of Jakarta Steering Committee by Dr Agung Wicaksono on “Entrepreneurial Future Leaders” to enlighten the fundamental concept, aim, and growth of the programs.

As the event continued, the Management prepared the MBA Race game to exercise new students’ bond & teamwork. Those new comers had to solve clues and travel to 17 posts where they would meet some twists at some posts. Winners got a very refreshing gift at the end of the game. Congratulation to all teams, in particularly, Skip as 1st winner with Lakrind Aldino (BAShar), Anung Moko (BAShar), Hilda Kitti (BLEMBA), Andy Elfasa (Entrée), and Bagja Mahendra (Entrée).

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See you in Jakarta class, MERDEKA!