Powodzenia CIOFF-SBM!

IMG_3938To the CIOFF-SBM ITB Team, we wish you a very best of luck or Powodzenia in Polish. Last night (27/7/2011), the Trial Show and Farewell Ceremony for CIOFF-SBM ITB Student’s Team was held at TMII Jakarta. The event was set prior to CIOFF-SBM ITB’s participation in a Folklore and Traditional Festival in Bielsko-Biala, Poland from 29 July to 8 August 2011. The team consists of 33 undergraduate students preparing for at least 7 traditional dances and music in which will be presented in the festival.

IMG_3947The Trial Show went very successful with 4 traditional dances (from Betawi, Probolinggo, West Sumatera, and Papua) accompanied by excellent music play from the team in which being watched by around 150 guests including parents, family, friends, and colleagues.

“I am sure all Civitas SBM and ITB are very proud of the achievement of the CIOFF-SBM ITB team who has managed in mastering the traditional dances within effectively 3 months of practices. And hopefully this will continue with a success in the festival,” said Deputy Director for MBA ITB Jakarta Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso on behalf of Dean for SBM ITB.

IMG_3973“We wish all performances will go well and some awards can be won. But, more importantly is that you will have a valuable experience with the cross-culture interaction during the festival with other teams from 20 countries and also with the audiences of the festival,” as Dr. Yos was closing the event.