MoU Signed between SBM ITB and ESQ LC

SBM ITB and ESQ Learning Center have signed an MOU due to the establishment of School of Business & Management ESQ (SBM ESQ) in Jakarta (23/12/2011). Attended on the occasion were the Dean of SBM ITB Prof Dr Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono and Founder of ESQ LC, Dr (HC) Ary Ginanjar Agustian. Both institutions were pleased to welcome this collaboration.

Prof Sudarso, who signed the MOU on the behalf of SBM ITB, hoped that this collaboration would strengthen both SBM ITB and SBM ESQ in the near future. “SBM ITB strongly supports and embraces this partnership. We hope that we could complete each other and synergize,” said Prof. Darso.

Joining on the event was a Founder of SBM ITB, Prof Surna Tjahja Djajadiningrat, PhD. He emphasized that Business and Management Education with Ethics and Morals are constantly needed by this country. “Together, let’s build this nation with character and be acknowledged by others,” Pak Naya told the audiences.

ESQ LC is the largest human resource training institute that aims to shape the character through the merger of three human potential of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Until this year, ESQ LC has more than 1 million alumni around the world. Now, ESQ LC determines to establish the School of Business & Management (SBM) ESQ located in Menara 165, South Jakarta. The premiere class has been planned to be held in August 2012.