Meet Our New Head of Programs!

Inaugurated by Rector Prof Kadarsah Suryadi last Wednesday (27/1/2016), congratulation to our new Head of Program for SBM ITB. Bachelor of Management program previously headed by Pri Hermawan is now replaced by Ira Fachira as Pri serves as Head of MBA program in Bandung. Meanwhile, Master of Business Administration for Jakarta campus is led by Yos Sunitiyoso. Same as before, Master and Doctor of Science in Management programs and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program are still piloted by Bambang Rudito and Wawan Dhewanto.

1. Ira Fachira, PhD. Head of Bachelor of Management Program

2. Wawan Dhewanto, PhD. Head of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

3. Dr. Eng. Pri Hermawan. Head of Master of Business Administration Bandung Program4.

4. Yos sunitiyoso, PhD. Head of Master of Business Administration Jakarta Program

5. Dr. Bambang Rudito. Head of Master and Doctor Science Management Program

About the new Heads, Ira Fachira completed her PhD at Massey University, New Zealand, in 2013. Having an interest in services marketing, consumer behavior and online communities, a relationship between popular culture, marketing, and consumer storytelling always draws Ira’s attention. Moreover, meet Wawan Dhewanto. Joining the school in January 2004 following his PhD completion from Monash University, he closely involved in developing the Entrepreneurship and Management of Technology Research Group.

For graduates program, Pri Hermawan was appointed as the Head of MBA Bandung while Yos Sunitiyoso serves MBA Jakarta. Pri earned his doctoral degree from Department of Value and Decision Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in 2009 whereas Yos Sunitiyoso got a doctoral degree from the University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol, United Kingdom. Both Pri and Yos show a great interest in decision making and negotiation study including the application of agent-based modeling and simulation in social issues, operation and management.

Meanwhile Head of Master of Science in Management as well as the doctoral program, Bambang Rudito, graduated from doctorate program at University of Indonesia majoring Anthropology. He has been consultant to various studies focusing in social conflict, culture, and to be involved in developing corporate social responsibility program for many institutions.