Business Plan and Feasibility Field Trip

On February 27, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship batch 2019 conducted a business trip to Shafira Corporation and Banyu Leisure. The aim of this business trip is to learn and understand the process of business from small to be a big company. The student businesses mostly in culinary and fashion industry, so the lecturer decide to choose two places that represent culinary and fashion industry.

The first place that the students visited is Shafira Corporation that runs fashion business for almost 29 years, in Addition to Shafira there also another brand such as Zoya Fashion, Zoya Cosmetics Mezora, Encyclo, and La Grande Mustafa under the auspices of the Shafira Corporation. In there the staff welcoming us very friendly, then we go to the meeting room to get an explanation about Shafira Corporation. The Student actively asks several questions about the history, the brand that shaded by Shafira and the sustainability of the company and the student also gets an opportunity to saw the production process from upstream to downstream directly.

The second place is Banyu Leisure that located in Jalan Ciungwanara that have a modern minimalist concept and it is built on part of PDAM Tirtawening’s land. In that place, there are food court, a clothing store and barbershop, in the north part, there is a wall that has been decorated with a colored mural with the stairs that can be used as a seat. At first the students a chance to buy some food for lunch, after that the student go to one area to discussed more about Banyu Leisure with the owner.