Entrepreneurship and Cultural Exchange Between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and SBM ITB

Bandung, 19 March 2018 – Entrepreneurship and culture is something that could not be separated. In entrepreneurship we need to looking for cultural view to know market preference, behavior and socioculture of market. In ASEAN Economic Community era, both of SBM ITB and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) realized that its important to gain advantage by conduct entrepreneurship and cultural exchange program to understanding socioculture and potency of entrepreneurship for young people in both of countries. SBM ITB was choose as partner of UKM in this program for the first time because its reputation and experienced in managing Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program since 2013 which also leading this field in Indonesia.

Delegation from Ibrahim Yakuub College of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia visited ITB during entrepreneurship and cultural exchange

The UKM visited SBM ITB on 15-18 March of 2018. On this occasion Lingkar Seni Sunda a students cultural unit was performing Jaipong dance, a traditional dance originally of West Java Province. Besides of that there were also Gending Sriwijaya dance was performed by MUSI ITB and Zapin dance perfomed by delegation of Yakuub College UKM, Malaysia.


Jaipong dance by cultural unit, Lingkar Seni Sunda ITB

Dr. Isti, the former Director of Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (CIEL, SBM ITB) in her speech enthusiast for this program and apology for simple acknowledgement. She hope it will not decrease spirit for entrepreneurship. Otherwise Dr. Hamidun Vice Principal of Ibrahim Yakuub College of UKM expected it is not only temporarily program but can sustained and give huge impact for both universities in entrepreneurship and culture. The UKM itself also has Entrepreneurship and Innovation program for undergraduate students, hopefully with entrepreneurship and cultural exchange program that was held also encourage both universities to make and develop research in these field together.

In second day of visited, a student of Bachelor Entrepreneurship SBM ITB from batch 2018, Devia Rizky, shared her experienced when managing her own company namely Batik Tali Air in front of Delegation from Yakuub College UKM. The product is Batik, a traditional textile with high value in culture and designed in modern fashion clothes. The company last year won national competition held by multinational company and got funding IDR 50.000.000.

Devia Rizky a student of Bachelor Entrepreneurship program shared her experiences in managing her own company, Batik Tali Air

Author: Dali Arfian