Cross Culture Experience in Germany

On 22 April- 27 April 2018, the course Cross Cultural and Conflict Management took place in Reutlingen, Germany. The activities took place in ESB Business School Reutlingen as one of the activity study trip for this subject. There are 5 students who joining the study trip Octaviani & Helena (MBA) and Hana, Dita, and Yusril (SBM) with our lecturer Mr. Yudo Anggoro, Ph.D.

When we were in Germany, the activities were observing the culture, learn about the habit for example punctually, talk directly, more efficient in work, and of course learn about Germany culture itself. The first time we came to the university, we presented about Indonesia especially the culture. And the last session we presented the different and the equation Germany and Indonesia from the culture side. We had a lot of knowledge and the opportunity to learnt from Professor and all the lecturers of the university.

We also had the opportunity to visit TUBEX, a manufacturer of aerosol packaging from aluminium based. The working space is well organized, very efficient to work within the space. The safety issue become the priority for the company.

Some of us, already went before the time and observed many place before came to Reutlingen. Mostly part of EU, such as : Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Munich, and Heidelberg. It gave us a lot insight how the culture in EU.

Beside lecturing, observing, and company visit, we have the time to explore Stuttgart and Tubingen, the nearest cities around. We visited castle, town hall, church, museum and many more. We really glad to have the time in Germany as one of the study trip. And we hope all the students can get this activities too and learn how to think globally, independent, punctually and how to work effectively.

Thank you for SBM ITB Bandung who gave this opportunity to us!

Contributors: Octaviani and Helena