Exhibition by Entrepreneurship Class of 2018

On the 23 April 2018, all the undergraduate student from bachelor of Entrepreneurship program class of 2018 create an exhibition event named “The Journey” in Kresna Lobby for Business Development course as their final exam project. There are 38 students with the total of 18 business that displayed, mainly fashion business.The exhibition start from 1 pm until 5 pm and attended by SBM professor, students from management and entrepreneurship program, SBM staff, MBA & MSM, and DSM. The idea behind “The Journey” name is because this exhibition concept is to show every progress of the business that the students make and they call it as their journey as an entrepreneur.

The theme of this exhibition is “Colorpop” so the decoration full of different color and resembles the diversity of the business in entrepreneurship program. Before entering the main entrance, visitors can see X-banners of all the company that display the catalog of each company. The gate also full of balloons and colorful decoration with “The Journey” logo stick to it. After entering the main gate, the visitors will be presented with 18 business in letter u formation. The visitors can see each of the business and there will be an assessment paper that every visitors must fill to evaluate the progress that every business make. The exhibition went well with the total almost 100 visitors.