The Promotion Programme for Cutting-Edge Innovators

The Swiss Innovation Challenge Indonesia is a unique promotion programme with an integrated innovation competition for projects at the ideation, conceptualization or start-up stages as well as for established businesses. We guide and support you during the programme to bring your project to the next level. You also have the chance to win prize money and get invited to exclusive events in Switzerland!

Building on the tremendous success of the Swiss Innovation Challenge which has been conducted in Switzerland for the last two years and in Indonesia this year is the second year. The challenge is open to businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals who wish to introduce and implement an innovation or who have worked on an innovation already for some time. The business idea can take the form of a product, or service innovation as well as an organizational or management innovation

The Swiss Innovation Challenge Indonesia is divided into three phases, each followed by a selection process based on the document. Participants who reach the final phase have the opportunity to win prize money and the exclusive events in Switzerland.

Please check Swiss Innovation Challenge (// for more information on the programme. If you are interested, we invite you to submit your application. Please note that participation in the programme is free of charge.