SEED 2018: Engage The Foreign Students to Community and Social Environment in Indonesia

DSC_0894School of Business and Management (SBM) ITB this year organized the Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) 2018. More than 40 participants came from student representatives from several universities who joined in ASEAN Learning Network (ALN) and partner universities from abroad will attend the event that was held from July 23 to August 3, 2018. The students are from the University of Groningen, University of Southern Denmark, Victoria University of Wellington, Birmingham City University, University Malaysia Perlis, San Beda University, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Princess of Naradhiwas University, Prince of Songkla University, and the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, and also SBM ITB students. SEED itself is a cross-cultural management learning program that is held annually. SBM ITB was the initiator and pioneer this program and regularly organize it every year since 2007, before the program is adopted and organized also by universities joined in the ALN.

DSC_0844According to Vice Dean for Academic SBM ITB, Prof.Dr. Utomo Sarjono Putro, SEED program is aimed to expose student life in the midst of society to understand life and social environment in Indonesia. Also providing an opportunity to recognize the mindset, customs, traditions, and customs of Indonesian society, especially West Java. He added that SEED participants also conducted field research on the social and economic potential of the community through observation and direct experience in the field about the real life of the community, so it is expected to apply knowledge and generate innovative ideas to develop community potential. Prof. Utomo added that SBM students need global insight not only local insights. Therefore, the need for cooperation in terms of cultural exchange, through this SEED as an innovation against a miniature cooperation between nations. “Our students interact with foreign students, share experiences with local communities, engage directly and have an impact on society,” he said.


Dr. Bambang Rudito, coordinator of SEED Program in Opening Session of SEED 2018

The coordinator of SEED Program is Dr. Bambang Rudito, with mentors from SBM ITB, as well as from overseas partner universities, among others, Prof. Ian Williamson of Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, and Prof. Mark Gilman, from Birmingham City University, UK.


Prof. Ian Williamson in Opening Session of SEED 2018

Dr. Bambang Rudito said that this activity will be held in Sumedang Regency, precisely in Sukasari District. Geographically, this location is very supportive and has the potential of agriculture, plantation and livestock supported by service activities and trade. “So it can give a small contribution in the development of agribusiness as one of the pillars of the realization of the vision of Sumedang Regency,” he said. He hope that through SEED program, students can feel the sense of empathy that business schools are not only easy to benefit in material form, but must have a sense of empathy in others whose lifestyle is different, different ideas, how they look for food and how we improve welfare they. “In this SEED there will be a collaboration of science and management from outside students and it is very enthusiastic especially from the existing universities in ASEAN, hopefully this idea spread to ASEAN not only in Indonesia alone,” he concluded.

Alexander from University of Southern Denmark said “The SEED program is a good idea to socialize and maybe have a bunch of ideas of different cultures and different countries to get together, and try to solve a problem for the economics and social benefits”. While Deasy from Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City put high appreciation and send her gratitude to the organizers, lecturers and volunteers of SEED 2018 because she enjoyed to follow every program arranged by the organizer.

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Group Discussion


Presentation to The Head of Village


Traditional Sundanese Music


Short visit to Tahu Factory


Short Visit to Newspaper Publisher


Community Project Poster Exhibition