Academic Symposium on Big Data Analytics Research in Business and Public Policy

DSC_0690On Saturday, August 11, 2018, the School of Business and Management at Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM ITB) successfully organized an academic symposium entitled “Academic Symposium on Big Data Analytics Research in Business and Public Policy”. The Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation interest group (DMSN) of SBM ITB was the principal organizer of the event.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Eric van Heck from the Data Analytics center of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University the Netherlands, and also the Chairman of the Department of Technology & Operations Management, acted as the main speaker. At his presentation, he highlighted four important aspects i.e. how to win the data race, and the value of data for citizens, consumers, companies, and government as well. At the second session, Dr.Eng. Manahan Siallagan, Director of Big Data & Social Simulation Laboratory of SBM ITB, explained the research lab activities in developing big data analytics research in Indonesian context. At the final session, Santi Novani, PhD as the Head of Community Service of DMSN, highlighted the emphasis on the importance of service science in the value co-creation processes out of the big data potency.

_SAM5276The welcoming speech was delivered by Dr. Eng. Pri Hermawan, the director of International Relation Office (IRO SBM ITB), who stated “It was magical feeling to see people from all around Java, Jakarta, Garut, and even Madura, to come and sit together in Auditorium of SBM ITB to collaboratively disseminate knowledge on Big Data and Predictive Analytics.”, He said. The topic is extraordinarily inviting to most academician and practitioner in the field of business and management as it is the nowadays mandatory information to welcome the Industry 4.0 era.

The symposium is a great departure point in the initiation of joint-collaborations between SBM ITB and the Rotterdam School of Management in the area of big data analytics. Prof, Utomo Sarjono Putro – the vice dean of academic affairs SBM ITB and the head of DMSN SBM ITB – stated, “We, at SBM ITB, are eager to explore collaborations potencies, especially in the applications of big data analytics research in Indonesian context, which has myriad complex topic to be explored”. Responding to this, Prof. Eric van Heck agreed to explore and facilitate in the upcoming joint collaborations between in the two highly respected institutions, SBM ITB and the Rotterdam School of Management. “Through the collaboration initiatives, SBM ITB can learn to improve its quality of academic courses and research conducts courses, research, and publication in the area of Big Data and Business Analytics”, stated Prof. Utomo Sarjono Putro.