Facing Global Challenges, ABEST21 Rectors and Deans Forum Becomes Asian Communication Arena

DSC01047 (1)The need for national and international accreditation is a requirement that must be fulfilled by universities to answer global challenges. Moreover, the role of universities is also required to be able to collaborate with other educational institutions and the industrial world in an effort to deal with the enormous demands of the times. Therefore, ABEST21, which is one of the international accreditation bodies, held the ABEST21 Rectors and Deans Forum activities, as a forum for sharing information and cooperation from business schools in the world. Where can be an inspiration in continuing to improve innovation for these schools.

Vice President of ABEST21 Rectors and Deans Forum, Candra Fajri Ananda, said that the emergence of the forum in responding to the global competition took place along with the development of business and industry. Furthermore, a business school consisting of 90 universities in Asia. The ABEST21 Rector and Deans Forum themed “Promoting Student Mobility and Nurturing Global Management Professionals”




“The big issue brought about in this forum is globalization, which makes competition compulsory. Each member can share experiences and insights between business schools,” he said at the ABEST21 Rectors and Deans Forum press conference at the SBM ITB Campus, Friday 11 November 2018.


Candra explained that with various representatives of universities from a number of Asian countries who were members of the forum have each uniqueness and innovations. Depending on the challenges found in each school, such as the ability of resources, technology and so on. However there is the slightest positive change from each business school members. So that it becomes an encouragement to continue sharpening, studying and creativity for the business schools.

This article has been published (originally Bahasa Indonesia) in tribunjabar.id with the title Facing Global Challenges, ABEST21 Rectors and Deans Forum Becomes Asian College Student Communication Contest, http://jabar.tribunnews.com/2018/11/04/ facing-tallenge-global-abest21- rectors-and-deans-forum-become-a-forum for communication-universities-asia.


More about ABEST21 Deans and Rector forum from ABEST21 official website, please click http://www.abest21.org/enews/enews_s.pdf

Translation by: Margareth Tobing, MBA