Tom Lembong: “We need to create more entrepreneurs to develop our economy”

Capture==“Surviving the Age of Complexity” inviting prominent startup leaders in Jakarta (5/12/2018). Opening the talk show, Tom Lembong of BKPM focusing on Indonesia’s business outlook of 2019 said “Our economy is still showing good performance from the low inflation rate, strong GDP, and incoming investment, but we cannot be complacent. We need to spur more innovation and create more entrepreneurs so that the economy can further develop.”

Moderated by students of MBA program, the event also discussed the strategy to survive in startup business. This session emphasized more on how to get funding so that the business can grow. As panelist speakers, the event invited Edward Tirtanata of Kopi Kenangan who recently won “Seed Funding” US$8 million from Alpha JWC investor, Samiaj P. Adisasmito of Jojonomic, and Andhika Mauludi of Akusara Production.

Another attractive subject discussed was technology. Will the tech rule the world? Startup leaders such as Arsyah F. Rasyid of Kokatto, Vikra Ijas of, and Endra Marsudi of Frame a Trip shared their stories. The speakers agreed not to be reluctant to use advanced technology since it would still be controlled by humans. “So, for us as humans, it is important to have heartware (perangkat hati) to use technology for a great cause,” said Arsyah.

The event then ended. “The Power of Branding” was on stage with marketing lecturer Dr Jacky Mussry, Almira Shinantya from DMIdeology marketing consulting firm, and Laila Munaf of Sana Studio who has successfully built brand awareness of her SANA studio as the pioneer of Zumba dance in Indonesia. “You need to find your core DNA and how to leverage it as an asset. You can get inspired by others but do not copy them. That’s the essence of personal branding,” told Dr. Mussry.