Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Field Trip to eFishery

A group of 40 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Class SBM-ITB students who focus on developing a digital startup as their business core visited the eFishery Head Office located on Bukit Pakar Timur IV Kav. B1, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Dago, Bandung, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung, West Java on Wednesday March 27, 2019 as part of learning Business Planning and Feasibility. eFishery is the first startup in the field of ‘fishtech’ in Indonesia. Established in 2013, it offers and develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and data platforms for fish and shrimp farming businesses especially for fish farmers. Today, eFishery has been deployed to thousands of farms in 16 province and 67 cities or districts in Indonesia, from North Sumatera to Maluku.

Accompanied by lecturer, Nazmi Fathnur Ahmad and business mentors (Rahmadita Maharani, Febrianto Mulyawan and Sandi Andrian), in this business trip to eFishery company, the students can learn and know about the development of startups from setting up a company, managing teams and employees, and to -most importantly- how they can sell their products.

At eFishery, the students were welcomed by Mr. Hanif Khanafianto as eFishery’s Head of Sales and Mrs. Dessi Hertawati as eFishery’s Marketing Community and Experience. Mr. Hanif Khanafianto provided some materials on strategies in running a digital startup and selling eFishery products from zero to cooperation with the Government of West Java Province. In addition, he also explained the strategy to see market opportunities so that the products could be received and developed in the market. During the Q & A session, three students with the best questions received prizes from eFishery. Students were also invited to look around the eFishery Head Office and eFishery has been achieved in several national and international competition. This can be a motivation for students to take part in several competitions for validating their products in front of experts and investors.

From this trip, students learned about strategies to run a startup and see the market share of their products. Hopefully, the student can also improve their skill and find the best match product and market fit. In addition, eFishery also offers possible collaboration to develop their business.

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