SBM ITB Research Collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology

In the first week of February, the School of Business and Management ITB had the opportunity to invite Professor Kyoichi Jim Kijima of the Tokyo Institute of Technology for a visiting professor program. This visit lasted for more than one and a half months, from the beginning of February until mid-March. Professor Kijima conducted many lecture sessions in the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management, and Doctoral Science in Management programs. He was involved in a number of courses such as Advanced Statistics, Service Science, System Modeling for Policy Development, Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation and Quantitative Research Methods.

A month after Professor Kijima’s arrival, Professor Hiroshi Deguchi, Shuang Chang Ph.D. and Norimisa Kobayashi Ph.D. of the Tokyo Institute of Technology also joined SBM ITB for the visiting professor program. Moreover, respected professional Yoshiaki Wada Ph.D. from the NTT Data Japan also visited SBM ITS. In addition to giving lectures to master and doctoral students, they also shared their knowledge and experience with SBM ITB doctoral students through several discussion sessions on how to improve the research conducts to produce better quality research outputs. Prestigious opportunity for MSM and DSM students to learn and collaborate on research with Professor Kyoichi Jim Kijima, a Japanese systems scientist and professor of Decision Systems Science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology

One of the highlights of the visit was the “SSM Workshop based on Action Research”. The DSM and MSM Study Program together and the Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation Interest Group were the main organizers of the session. This workshop was attended by more than 50 academics and SBM graduate students. On the same occasion, Professor Kijima also received his 68th birthday surprise from the participants.

Another important highlight was the research collaboration initiation between SBM-ITB and PT. Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta), a prominent public transportation company that provides bus transportation for the city of Jakarta. The CEO, Mr. Agung Wicaksono welcomed our delegation and introduced the Transjakarta operation. In this session, the delegation also shared their knowledge in a top management sharing session entitled “Smart City Sharing Session with Smart Traffic: Enhancing Public Transportation User Experience with Technologies”. The representatives were Dr. Yoshiaki Wada (NTT Data) and Meditya Wasesa Ph.D (SBM ITB) who shared their knowledge concerning the role of advanced technologies such as agent-based simulations, predictive analytics and the role of big data in improving the quality of public transportation and traffic management.

Another important highlight was a seminar entitled “Emerging Technologies Role in Business and Society” held at SBM ITB Jakarta Campus. The plenary speakers were Professor Deguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Yoshiaki Wada Ph.D (NTT Data). How emerging technology will revolutionize many aspects of business and society conducts were the main issues addressed in the seminar. To conclude, the research collaboration visit went very productive and invites for future collaboration prospects among SBM ITB, Tokyo Institute of Technology and NTT Data Japan.


Author: Dali Arfian