Field Trip of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship 2019

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship has successfully conducted a joint field trip for students of Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Program taking 3 courses in their last year: Entrepreneurship Mentoring 3, Business Development Practice, and Service Business. This field trip aimed to provide students with knowledge shared by owners and the board of management of each company. Approximately 60 students along with lecturers and mentors of the 3 courses started the field trip in the morning. We visited 2 workshops and warehouses of Kriya Nusantara. Located in the eastern part of Bandung, this company focused on the production of crafts made of wood and metals. Besides the local demand, the majority of their orders came from Middle East countries. In these workshops, the students were equipped with knowledge of procedures from ideation to the shipping process in a larger scale.


After getting enough knowledge regarding matured business process, we took the students to several start-up businesses that have similar products and services that catered different target markets and demands located at Bandung Trade Mall. Not many people know that on the rooftop of this building, there are several start-ups trying to build a creative ecosystem. We visited Bukatana and Kaina. Not only learning about the process of creating businesses, the students were also given an opportunity to try several mechanical tools used in their workshops. These start-ups create crafts from woods, bamboo, and leathers. The students had a fruitful discussion with the owners of these ecosystems on topics close to what they are currently doing as young entrepreneurs. The lecture team hoped that from this field trip experience, the students have a good understanding of business processes and the milestones of different types of business.


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