Three Students of SBM ITB Wins the Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019

Picture 1-Aldinar, Livia and Mahbub (From Left to right), holding the Golden Tickets and being awarded as the Best Team of Frisian Flag 2019 Caraka Team from the School of Business and Management ITB has been awarded the best team in Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019 after the four month competition period. The team consisted of Aldi Aldinar (Business and Entrepreneurship, SBM 2020), Mahbub Afini Maulana (Management, SBM 2020), and Livia Rosti Fahriani (Business and Entrepreneurship, SBM 2020).

The Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019 is a national marketing plan and implementation competition that aims to find the best marketing and selling strategy through on hand and practical experience based on customer segments. This year, the Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019 targets the Millennials and Generation Z, specifically how to activate their friends to drink milk every day and focus on Frisian Flag RTD 225 ml product line. This competition started from January until the beginning of May and has four phases. The first stage is Marketing Strategy Video Submission, the second stage is marketing Strategy proposal submission, the third stage is initial marketing plan implementation, and the last phase is marketing plan implementation and final presentation.

The Caraka Team proposed a marketing strategy through video and proposal, namely the integrated marketing communication. This idea combines online marketing strategy through social media platform and offline marketing strategy through collaboration with several stakeholders in ITB. The idea aims to convince and deliver the message that healthy life style can start from drinking at least one box of Frisian Flag 225 ml per day.

The Caraka Team successfully passed the two phases after being selected as one of the best team on March 12nd 2019. Then, the students were invited to Digital marketing strategy workshop held by Frisian Flag in Jakarta for sharpening the marketing strategy before six week implementation. Finally, the Caraka team showed up with #SekotakSusuAjaDulu Marketing Strategy comprising the integration between offline and online marketing strategy to reach and the deliver the message to wider students in ITB.

After six week implementation from March 18th, 2019 until April 29th, 2019, Aldinar and his team implemented The strategy seriously in every detail of marketing strategy. They collaborated with several canteens and communities to increase the sales number, applying legal campaign approval to Lembaga Kemahasiswaan, Prodi Administration and SARPRAS ITB and SBM ITB. They designed the Social Media Content and caption to be aligned with the main message of #SekotakSusuAjaDulu and stick up to the trend of ITB Students’ daily life.  “This competition is very challenging, we have to rearrange our schedule to discuss the contents, caption and collaboration with other stakeholders. All of the processes from ideating, implementing and reporting must be done by three students who still need to study, do homework and prepare for final exams. Sometimes, we have an argument, and this competition distracts us when we have classes. With everything going on, we really enjoy this competition and perhaps it will be a sweet victory” Aldinar said.

In the final presentation of Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019 in Jakarta, May 3rd, 2019, the Caraka Team received appreciation from the judges and Frisian Flag Indonesia Board of Director as the team achieved a sales milestone of Rp 7.648.000 sales revenue and Rp1.235.599 Gross Profit, or selling 1519 boxes of 225 ml Frisian Flag. They implemented almost nine different integrated marketing strategies through online and offline platforms. In the same day, the Caraka Team was awarded the winner of Frisian Flag Campus Challenge 2019 and received a golden ticket to join the Frisian flag management traineeship after they graduate. “After the stressful and grueling implementation of marketing strategy in six weeks, finally we get a happy ending” Livia said after the awarding.

Written by Aldi Aldinar.




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