Abang None North Jakarta 2019

Election of Abang None North Jakarta is an annual activity held by the Department of Tourism and Culture, North Jakarta Administrative City. Before the winners of Abang and None were announced in the final night, 15 finalist couples who had been selected from the audition process joined a quarantine process for two months.



This year, the quarantine was held from February 24 to April 24. The schedule on weekends started from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a full week before the final night. During the quarantine period, 15 finalist couples were given various trainings on 7 main themes, including government, tourism, culture, foreign languages, psychology, personal branding and dress ethics. The15 finalist couples also participated in some of the main quarantine activities such as public speaking held in Ancol, talent show, and alumni nights held at Ancol Art Market. The finalists also visited 12 Coastal Tourist Destinations located in North Jakarta. Social programs were also carried out in order to provide education and also assistance to the people of North Jakarta.


In the final night, which was held on April 25, 2019, there were various activities to evaluate the winners, including traditional dances, fashion shows, questions and answers, and also crowning of the winners. After going through the quarantine process for two months and the final night, 15 couples of North Jakarta Abang and None will serve as North Jakarta tourism ambassadors who will participate in various programs for improving education, cultural preservation and social care.


Abang None North Jakarta can be a forum for all Abang and None finalists to make a real contribution to the North Jakarta Administrative City.

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