8th UI Studentpreneur Competition

UI Studentpreneur is an annual event, held by Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa (BEM) Fakultas Ekonomi & Bisnis Universitas Indonesia to help the growth of entrepreneurship among students in Indonesia. They offered Business Ideas Competition with several categories; Agriculture, Culinary, Creative, and Service, and Product. My team, which consists of ITB from Bioengineering and Biology ITB students was registered in this event. From hundreds of submissions, my groups were chosen as top 10 business by applying the product category (Eco- friendly Fashion), named LINEIN.

The competition held in Depok and Jakarta on 11-16 February 2019 which consist of Training & Mentoring, Seminar, Pitching, and Young Entrepreneurs Summit (YES) activities. As a participant, we attend all those activities for free. Naula Kmila (CEO of Mekapan), Elisa Suteja (Deputy CEO of Fore Coffee), and Rama Mamuaya (CEO of Dailysocial.id) was the guest speaker in the training session. Some mentors also involved in this event aim to help the participants in developing their business, they are; Ade Fauzan (CEO of Investree), Ferry Alif (CEO of Infishta), Hanindita Narendrata (CEO of Telunjuk.com), Rama Dhonanto (CEO of Heroleads Indonesia), Mario Lasut (CMO of Finansialku.com). The pitching session was the activity which the top 10 pitched their business models to the angel investors. Even though we didn’t make it be the winner, we had a chance to expand our network to support our business activity.

Figure 2. The Judges of Pitching Session.
Figure 2. The Judges of Pitching Session.
Figure 3. 8th UI Studentpreneur’s Timeline
Figure 4. Training  Session
Written by Asyifa Violanda

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