07-08 August 2019 I International Graduates Colloqium 2019


The International Graduates Colloquium (IGC) hosted by SBM-ITB, FEB-Tel-U, FEB-UNS, and FEB-UI is a forum for Master and Doctoral students to present and discuss their research among peers and leading scholars, and engage with others in a friendly atmosphere that allows for meaningful and constructive scholarly exchanges.

The aim of IGC is to contribute towards a transformative journey for masters and doctoral students, who will not only receive valuable feedback on their research but also learn about literature review, contemporary research methods and publication through workshops. IGC also offers participants a great opportunity for knowledge transfer, academic writing coaching, and research collaboration with top scholars in their areas for possible publication prospect in reputable international journals.

IGC is an entry point into joining a wider community of peers and engaged with senior researchers and experts in various fields.

We look forward to welcoming you to IGC by submitting your research progress at any stage by (07/07/2019). Template of research progress will be provided on the website. Accepted submission will be announced one week after submission.


More about IGC 2019, visit the website

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