Brand Co-recovery

Customer is gradually becoming an active party in brand development and management, either individually or collectively through a brand community. Many studies investigated and reported customers’ involvement in brand building, but less on their involvement in brand recovery. Customers’ involvement in brand recovery will be more important in the future due to the increasing threat of collective brand destruction by a group of people. We can find some evidences that a group of people deliberately spreading hoax, bad publicities, and other negative/destructive contents that would damage the brand reputation. Those collective acts of brand destruction (also called as brand co-destruction) should be responded by collective acts of brand recovery (also called as brand co-recovery). Otherwise, companies will be wasting their resources just to deal with those wicked acts. Therefore, the aim of this research agenda is to develop a model of brand co-recovery with customers and to identify the contextual factors that encourage or impede customers’ participation/involvement in this initiative. Several companies in Indonesia, such as Telkomsel has stated their interest to join this research agenda.

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