Santi Novani, Employee of The Year 2019

Written by Student Reporter, Deo Fernando (Entrepreneurship 2021)

Santi Novani ST, .MT., Ph.D, a faculty member from Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation interest group, selected as SBM ITB Employee of The Year 2019.

The goals of this award is to give appreciation for faculty member and professional staff who excel or who have good performance and discipline. The awarding night itself was held during SBM ITB Employee Gathering in Bangkok, Thailand (11/01/2020).

There are enough good reasons why Santi selected as one of nominees and won the award. The woman who graduated from a Ph.D. in Value and Decision Science, minor in Service Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan has published 18 scorpus indexed publications and has done a lot of community projects since 2015. Besides that, her paper has been widely presented in various international conferences in many countries such as in America, Japan, Sweden, and Canada.

Not only academic achievements, but Santi is also known as a lecturer who has sense of responsibility towards her duties. “I have no intention to gain appreciations or even award, I let everything flows and always try to give the best. I always finish assignments on time so that I don’t have burdens. Then I also continued to study even with my junior colleagues. And I also learned a lot with professors in SBM” She said, smiling.

When interviewed by Marketing Communication team, Santi told her community service project started in 2019. Together with the team, Santi conducted research and community service on the south coast, especially on Pangandaran beach on the topic of tourism. Santi designed a website to help Small medium Entreprises (SMEs) to boost the products’ marketing and to promote tourism in Pangandaran. Santi also conducted workshops for the SMEs entrepreneurs or owners in using the website. Despite the lack of data regarding the number of SMEs in Pangandaran, Santi along with the Pangandaran tourism agency managed to foster as many as 30-50 SMEs.

In every activity, Santi is always based on the Five (5) values of SBM ITB. Santi has a strong desire to introduce SBM through the contributions she made. For example, Santi also helped the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship development (LPIK) -ITB in creating websites that are useful in improving the quality of LPIK services. “The values of SBM are very influential. We still carry the good name of SBM, like in LPIK I also helped there. Because my background is a service base, I created a system at LPIK to make a better service. A good service is very important, because if the service is good then people will continue to come to get our services.” said Santi.

In addition to LPIK, Santi also helps other faculty members who want to study business or learn to write a journal. Santi also share her spirit and wanted to be useful for the community. In her message, Santi emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration between teams that needs mutual learning. While harmony is also needed by not showing each other’s egos and having the spirit to move forward together. “The more important thing is we must not feel ourselves great because collaboration is very important.”, she added.

Despite having various works and achievements, Santi is not complacent. She will start the new community service in Cimahi for year 2020. And in the future, Santi targets to develop a financial management system in SBM so that other researchers can easily get research funding.