M. Mukti Fathudin and Fathurrohman, Employee of The Year 2019

Written by Student Reporter, Deo Fernando (Entrepreneurship 2021)

Joining the SBM ITB since 2004, M. Mukti Fathudin together with his colleague in the Facilities and Infrastructure Unit (Sarana Prasarana/SP), Fathurrohman, selected as Employee of The Year 2019.

The goals of this award is to give appreciation for faculty member and professional staff who excel or who have good performance and discipline. The awarding night itself was held during SBM ITB Employee Gathering in Bangkok, Thailand (11/01/2020).

For Fathurrohman, or usually called Fathur, this award is a verification for himself that he is on the right path. “I have minimum lateness, I believe this award measured the community’s perception of my performance. Hope I can keep my performance and even be better in the future.” He said, smiling. Meanwhile, for M. Mukti Fathudin, this award is a provision that has been given by God to him, and also becomes his pride. “For me, this award as a provision, pride, and gratitude to Allah. This award is also a form of trust from 185 votes.”, He said.

In 2019, together with the team, Mukti has succeeded in achieving various achievements. Among them won the 1st place scoring Board in the application of 4 DX (The 4 Disciplines of Execution) where his unit collaborated with the Marketing Communication team. He also encouraged 20 members of SP unit to participate in SBM ITB Quality Improvement Award 2019 to support the AACSB for Standard 7. Other achievements includes the construction of various facilities and infrastructure in SBM environment, such as the new building, the Dean Room, Millenials Meeting Room in 6th floor, the Big Data Lab, SBM Business Lab, MBA Labs, the Jatinangor Building Classroom, the First Building Meeting Room, Lecturer Room in 2nd floor, and Pertamina’s amphitheater that is now being renovated.

Overall Mukti’s responsibilities is doing procurement, building maintenance, and taking care of the budget. The task is not without risk, small mistake can make a big loss for SBM, therefore needs Mukti’s supervision to be strict and follow the rules. “Even though in this position I’m facing the risk of being hated by people, I do not sacrifice my loyalty and integrity. I am not afraid to lose my position and strive hard to be istiqomah.” He said, smiling.

Besides all of his positive attitude, he always put extra attention to communicate with his team such as holds regular meetings with all colleagues in the SP Unit and frequently give directions and brainstorms through whatsapp group from the drivers, messengers, and security team.

When interviewed by Marketing Communication team, in the future Mukti wants to remain sincere and learn consistently. There are agenda that will await Mukti and his colleagues of SBM in year 2020, preparing the AACSB visitation and planning the absorption of P3MI funds that related to the allocation of the procurement budget.

While Fathur gave inputs for all of us to be discipline and sincere in carrying out work. “All of us have a chance to be better in work and to get a good assessment from the boss. But we must be a discipline and sincere person in every tasks assigned.” He said, closing the interview.