Mandra Lazuardi Kitri, The Best Teaching Activity 2019

Written by Student Reporter, Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

Mandra Lazuardi Kitri is one of SBM ITB young faculty member who received an award as the best in teaching activity in 2019. Mandra is often called by students as “Kak Mandra” has served at SBM for 7 years since his arrival as a lecturer in 2012. “It was very surprising to receive this award, but of course I am very happy and excited.” he said with a broad smile.

He is a lecturer at SBM ITB in the joined BRF (Business Risk and Finance) interest group. He said the reason why he become a lecturer because he assumed that teaching is a way to sharing with others. “In the past I did not have intention to become a lecturer. But I have a goal doing something impactful for many people and being a lecturer is one way to achieve that goal.”, he said.

Mandra said that it is very important for him to see the students understand what he is teaching. “I love teaching something that is applied to students. Because by using this method I think students will be more interested in understanding their lessons and so far the method that I did was successful, “he said. Mandra holds the principle that in life we must be able to manage our own satisfaction, our own goals, not from what people say but from the impact we can give. “When I can see my students understand that the lessons I taught, means I already create an impact. And I’m happy for that”, he said.

Mandra believes that in the teaching and learning process it is very important to create a comfortable atmosphere for lecturers and students. First, create a relax atmosphere of learning; Second is understand the concept of the lesson being taken; and the third is discussion. “I prefer to discuss with students because as I said before, I trust that teaching is sharing. So if there are some students who do not understand the lesson, I will direct them to discuss it and do the same for some students who have different answers. At the beginning of the class, I usually start to review the course materials and open the discussion. So the class can be more comfortable and the important points from the course materials can also be obtained by the students. If there are students who do not understand and wish to have further discussion, they can continue the discussion outside the classroom with me, or through email, whatsapp or come directly to my office room”, he added.

“I feel so proud become a part of SBM ITB because in my point of view, all stakeholders have their own respective roles and tasks which were carried out with full responsibility. Everyone works actively and support mutually each other. It’s nice to work here.” he said, smiling. As a person who enjoys his work, Mandra face the challenge of separating time between work and rest. “Life must work-life balance, so we have to force ourselves to divide our time. I am so grateful in the last three years, Alhamdullilah it has been a work-life balance.” he added. Mandra said that it is very important for us to be aware of ourselves and know our own needs. “Similar with economics theory that diminishing marginal productivity. When we work continuously, our productivity can go down, it means we need a break. “On my break time, I use my time to exercise, meet new people, new communities, start to work again. And I felt more productive,” he said.

“I’m sure everyone at SBM ITB is trying to give the best, what we need to do next is to keep the result sustainable. How do we maintain the good work? The key is willingness to continue to improve what we have done passionately, so called continuous improvement. If today is good, we don’t stop, because tomorrow must be even better.” he said, closing the interview.