Korean Wave Impacts Korean Skincare and Food Sales in Indonesia

Pusan University Korean researchers who are members of the Global Research Network conducted a research with researchers from the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia. For Indonesia, the research was conducted by the SBM ITB. The research began in January 2019, discussed how SMEs and starting South Korea can launch the Indonesian and Malaysian markets and increase the market share of their products.

“The research uses literature studies, interviews and big data analysis from 500,000 data entries on various social media platforms,” said Chairman of SBM ITB Strategy and Marketing Business Expertise, Reza Ashari Nasution Ph.D, Thursday (1/23/2020) .


This big data analysis is still ongoing. He predicted, the analysis would only be completed in February and March 2020. However, the results of research using the literature study and interview methods, have been released and published in the international seminar “Opportunities and Challenges in the Indonesian and Malaysian Markets for Korean Companies” which was held at the Auditorium of SBM ITB.

In the event, researcher from Multimedia University Malaysia, Robert Jeyakumar Nathan, presented the results of his research.
Korean Wave, or what is commonly referred to as Korean culture such as K-Pop and K-drama, influenced young Malaysians in purchasing Korean skin care and cosmetics.

These products now exist in Malaysia. Not much different from Malaysia, SBM ITB find similar things in Indonesia. Korean Wave or Halyu tells the culture and lifestyle of Korean people.

Apparently, culture and lifestyle are easily digested and similar to the daily lives of young people in Indonesia. This condition inspired and made Indonesians desirous of culture. “There is a cultural acculturation from Korea emulated by young people in Indonesia,” he said. This also has a positive influence on sales of Korean products such as skin care, cosmetics, food, and clothing. The cause of the artist they watched was the product brand ambassador.

After purchased the products, Indonesian young people think that these products are good quality and suitable. This makes Korean Wave and Korean products mutually reinforcing.

In the future, the results of this research can be studied and used by Indonesian SMEs to go international.