Fostering The Islamic Economy and Finance In Indonesia Through Online MoU Signing

Written by Student Reporter, Aldi Aldinar (Bachelor of Entrepreneurship 2020)​​

In the middle of coronavirus pandemic and the policy of working and learning from home, School of Business and Management ITB that is represented by the dean of SBM ITB, Prof.Dr.Ir. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono DEA has signed the agreement of cooperation with Komite Nasional Ekonomi dan Keuangan Syariah (KNEKS) that is represented by Mr. Sutan Emir Hidayat as the director of Education and Research of National Committee of Islamic Economy and Finance, Indonesia. The signature ceremonial occurs simultaneously after the Guest Lecture session of the Financial Management Course from Mr. Sutan. The topic is Strategic initiatives for the development of the Islamic economy and finance in Indonesia. 

The cooperation between SBM ITB and KNEKS is part of strategic initiatives for nurturing the human resources of the Islamic economy and finance in Indonesia. Due to the huge potential of the Halal economy to Indonesian GDP up to USD 3.8 milliard and it is predicted to grow up to 5.3%  in 2025 from the recent total Indonesian halal economy at USD 218.8 Milliard. This cooperation also launching the Center of Islamic Economy and Finance (CIEF) in SBM ITB. The CIEF will have two main divisions, there are Islamic finance studies and Islamic business studies. Islamic finance studies will accelerate the Islamic finance ecosystem and infrastructure, provide the prominent human resource for developing and optimizing the Islamic finance impact on national economic growth. Then the Islamic business studies will nurture and develop the halal product and service, provide useful insight for Islamic business owners from small and medium enterprises to well-established companies. discover new opportunities and improvement suggestions to prospective stakeholders. 

“As the best business school in Indonesia, SBM ITB has shown a big impact in supporting and providing prominent human resources in business and management. This cooperation will be like continuation cooperation since SBM ITB and KNEKS has been cooperating since 2016. We believe that the signed cooperation will lead to big improvement and acceleration of Islamic finance and economic development in Indonesia.” Mr. Sutan’s statement to close the session from the guest lecture session and the online ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement that is attended by 249 people from students, reporters, and academic stakeholders od SBM ITB.

Photo Courtesy of Techpromlab and Leave a Nest