When Women Become Entrepreneurs

Not only men, now women are also starting to wrestle the business world. there are many uniqueness that characterizes women entrepreneurs. In this episode SBM ITB Talks will discuss a book called womenpreneur: when women become entrepreneurs.

When Women Become Entrepreneurs, What Challenge They Have to Overcome?

Entrepreneurs – in the last few years, began to have many guests from the female gender with a called name womenpreneur. This phenomenon becomes lively to be discussed because there is a fact that say in the global stage, women contributed pretty much in the economic sector and they also are one of indicator for economic progress.  Other than that, womenpreneur is an interesting topic because women have a unique leadership style those are feminine and prioritize empathy also affection to other people and this kind of leadership is starting to popular in the business world nowadays.

 Yet, behind all of its idiosyncrasy and uniqueness, with SBM ITB in SBM ITB Talks, a group of womenpreneur who have made a book titled ‘Womenpreneur: When Women Become Entrepreneurs’ shared facts they experienced and also their viewpoint about the challenge become entrepreneur, the challenge that only found by women entrepreneurs.

  1. Family is Our Motivation in Building Business

Prameshwara Anggahegari at the beginning of the book told, the family is one of the biggest factors for a woman to become an entrepreneur. Prameshwara told, “After I gave birth for my first child, there is a will in me to see my child’s growth and development, then I discuss my plan to build a business with my husband so that I have more time with my children at home.” It is not only her who has the same motivation in build business, some so many women make business as their pathway because of their family – husband’s health condition, household economy, empathy for parents, and many other inspirational stories.

  1. The Dominant Burden of Domestic Work that Held by Women

There is a fact we cannot deny become a wife and a mother in Indonesia It means we must able to carry the burden of domestic work that is quite time-consuming because in this state women are still considered as a figure who has full responsibility in household chores. This challenge finally limiting wives and mothers to give birth to a bigger business.

  1. “Poor” Capital Access

Even though women and men have the same access in business capital, there are several womenpreneurs in small and medium enterprises that have unsatisfactory experience because capital giver like bank and credit company tends to have a stereotype that women’s business in only a leisure time business that won’t grow bigger. Back to the last challenge, this stereotype is built because of the limited time women have for their business. However, because of the good growth of womenpreneur in Indonesia nowadays, there are more government financing programs specifically for women like Melati Credit in Bandung that gives 0% loans for women, Gain Bank in Jember that gives lower interest loan for women, and another several programs.

Indeed, being a businessman certainly has its difficulties, especially for women, for that ‘Womenpreneur: When Women Become Entrepreneur’ was made so that the prospective womenpreneur in Indonesia will never feel stuck in making and growing business anymore even there are so many challenges ahead.  The writers of this book also hope with this book the womenpreneurs’ business can grow bigger, not only a “leisure time” business anymore.

This book is a masterpiece of SBM ITB alumni, they are Isnaini Ruhul, MSM; Aang Noviyana, MSM; Alpinaliah Rachmijati, MSM; Prameshwara Anggahegar, MSM, with one of SBM ITB lecturer Wawan Dewanto, Ph.D. about women entrepreneurs with inspirational stories, knowledge, and business tips woe women so that mompreneur can be a group of entrepreneurs who grow more both in skills and business.

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