Jusuf Kalla: Covid-19 is a Chance to Develop National Independence

Photo illustration by Said Alamri on Unsplash

Former Vice president of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, on his speech in SBM ITB Webinar titled “From Surviving to Thriving: Business after Covid-19,” told that Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Crisis is different from monetary crisis on 1998. If monetary crisis occurs only in several countries, Indonesia, Thailand, and Korea, the Covid-19 crisis hit almost the entire world, so Indonesia cannot ask for help from IMF or other countries like Japan and Europe as It did in 1998. “This condition creating national independence, we have to keep this character, I believe we can go through this,” he added.

Jusuf Kalla explained that medical researchers have an essential role for humanity because once they succeeded in creating the Covid-19 vaccine, we need 2-3 years to get back to normal. “If this year, the researchers can create the Covid-19 vaccine, it will be clinically tested about next year. After that, Indonesia will start to make or expand factories to multiply the vaccines and mass-produce it. So during those processes, we must keep using masker.” Jusuf Kalla believes that when the vaccine founded, the economic condition will return to normal because people will not be afraid to move outside their homes anymore.

The CEO of Dharma Group, Irianto Santoso – who is also the speaker, told that Covid-19 also affects the automotive industry, including the automotive sector he leads. He revealed that this condition disrupted the supply chain, the component that should be imported become hard to get. In the end, this company tried to make its component with the facility they have. “In the end, we made it by ourselves and tried to cooperate with some supplier,” he added.

Besides Jusuf Kalla, this webinar presented some speakers; they were Hermawan Kartajaya, the founder and Chairman of MarkPlus; Nurhayati Subakat, the President Commissioner of PT Paragon Technology and Innovation; Irianto Santisi, CEO of Dharma Group; and Suyanto Tjoeng, the CEO of Antaraja.


This webinar will be continued with the coaching series with the theme “How to Boost your Career in New Normal Era.” It will present some speaker, Immanuel Adi, the Chief of Corp Human Capital & Corp Planning Strategy management of Triputra Group; Dian Eka Hartiningsing, the Vice President Director of Pako group; and On Lee, the CEO and CTO of GDP Labs and Venture.