Understanding Social Privilege to Break Through the Limitation

On 21st Episodes, SBM ITB Talks invited a speaker called Muhammad Yorga Permana, M.Sc (SBM ITB Lecturer), who will discuss social privilege in depth. There are some insights that we could get from these episodes:

Social Privilege is Just a Starting Point

M. Yorga Permana said, “Social Privilege is something that we have already had from our family backgrounds such as material and wealth. Social privileges not only about the material but also about ingenuity, networking, and so on. Those are our starting points to a higher level in our life. Everyone has their social privilege that could influence people’s future. But, the future does not just depend on social privileges; everyone should do hard work to achieve the future.”

Utilizing your Social Privilege by Education

On the previous point, we know that Social Privilege should be accompanied by hard work to generate the best result. Yorga Permana also added his thoughts, “Actually, social privileges will become better if we are getting an education since we were a child. By education, we could develop our capabilities, skill, and other social privileges that we have and makes our self could break our limitation.”

Having a Purpose Life

“The first thing that we should have is a purpose in life. It makes our life more structured and directed. By having a purpose in life, we could know what we want to do and achieve in the future. Therefore, with life purpose, we could maximize our social privileges, and we could map our goals in every action that we do, ” he added. 

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

The problem is many people have a lot of social privileges, and they only depend on it. Therefore, they couldn’t grow up. He also added his thoughts, “This problem has already existed in our society. This problem happened because they made their social privileges become their comfort zone, and they will not get out of their comfort zone. It makes them just run statically without having any progress. Therefore, to break our limit.

Having a People Orientation

He also said, “To break our limit, besides getting out of our comfort zone, we should change our life orientation. A lot of people thought that their life was just for themselves. This perception makes the people just stuck on it, and they couldn’t grow up better, because they just thought about themselves. Therefore, to break our limitations, we must change our life orientation from individual to person orientation. It means we are starting to think about others, creating some improvement in society, and making ourselves positively impact others. 

Learn from Your Inspirator!

“To complete our life journey to break our limit, we could learn from the expertise or people who could be an inspiration to our life. Define the right people who could guide us to grow up, create some positive movement in society, and become impactful to other people. Finally, we could break our limitations and achieve our future, ” said M. Yorga Permana in the last statement.

As a student, we should use our social privileges as opportunities to make ourselves grow better. Do not ever quickly feel satisfied with every privilege that we got since we were children. Still, otherwise, we should use our social benefits as much as possible and change it to become something more impactful for ourselves and society. Therefore, we can break our limitations by understanding and utilizing our social privileges.  


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