Former startup mentor for Silicon Valley: “I learn or I win”

Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, Executive MBA, 2021)

Start with a problem! That is where an entrepreneur is created. More, entrepreneurs are expected to make positive impacts on people’s lives. 

Based from this thought, the School of Business and Management ITB (SBM ITB) collaborated with the Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital to support entrepreneurs in Bandung. The virtual event held on 12-13 September 2020 intended to share knowledge on how small-medium enterprises could continue to grow and develop into large companies.

Came to talk, the Director of DesignOps Gojek, Borrys Hasian, explained about how the mindset could be applied in various business fields. He said to start from goal setting, planning, preparation, implementation, evaluation to the spirit of innovation. 

“From this process, we can see that entrepreneurs need to have lot characteristics of ‘eager to learn’. Until the end, they can provide the best solution for their consumers, “told Borrys.

Meanwhile, the VP of Donor Engagement, Jaka Wiradisuria, also said that, “We need to understand our market. Not only learning from literature and foreign sources, but we also have to be willing to study the market in Indonesia. We are targeting consumers from Indonesia. So, the knowledge that we learn must be able to be adapted and applied to Indonesian consumers,“ said former CEO of Valadoo.

Although pandemic hit, all speakers continued to hope for the growth of existing and new ventures. They asked all entrepeneurs to support each other throughout this challenging time. “Don’t worry and not be afraid to start. As when we do business, the mindset that is instilled in us is ‘I learn or I win’, “as told by the first Indonesian Google Expert in Product Design, Borrys Hasian who has been a global mentor for many startups around the world including in Silicon Valley, AS.