Dean Utomo wins the Marketing Champion 2020

Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship 2021)

Dean Professor Utomo Sarjono Putro awarded as the Jawa Barat Industry Marketing Champion 2020 for education services’ category. Held virtually on Saturday (19/09/2020), Prof Utomo trusted that this award would play a significant role for universities in creating positive impacts to the government, industries, and society through superior educational services.

Indonesia Marketeers Festival is an annual grand festival in marketing organized by Markplus Institute held in 6 main cities in Indonesia with a unique and innovative concept. In his opening speech, Hermawan Kartajaya as the Founder and Chairman of Markplus Inc. said that this election had gone through a meticulous selection process from the top management team of Markplus, community leaders, and the media.

The awarding ceremony was also attended by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil. He said that this activity was intended to appreciate extraordinary people who had been an inspiration for others. “One of our goals is to appreciate extraordinary people to inspire because their marketing skill is very much needed,” he said.

In his speech, Prof Utomo hoped that this award could have motivated SBM ITB to improve internal and external marketing.

Internal marketing, he said, SBM ITB would continue to implement the Quality Assurance function in providing maximum service. Students, he said, were involved to give input and complaints about the services provided by the school for a better teaching and learning process. “Apart from doing quality assurance of learning, we also provide career service, improve the quality of lecturers, improve learning facilities, and much more,” he added.

Furthermore, on external marketing, he said, “We seek to optimize the role of public relations and establish more strategic relationships with various stakeholders such as alumni, industry, and the media. We also optimize the use of digital platforms such as social media and actively share knowledgeable content via podcasts disseminated on today’s platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.”