A good financial planning for happier life!

Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, EMBA 2021)

As millennials, we must be able to use our money to upgrade ourselves. The Founder of Finansialku, Melvin Mumpuni, observed that most Indonesians were less interested in the use of their financial security for education. “Most of us spend money on incremental things, not on the essential things. In fact, if we see education as an investment, it will improve the quality of ourselves for a better future,” said the alumnus of MBA ITB.

Melvin was invited to share his perspective on the importance of financial planning in particular for the millennials. Held by SBM ITB, the event was successfully attended by students from across faculty on Tuesday (29/9/2020).

“We need to realize that becoming a qualified human being cannot be done overnight. It takes preparation, determination, time, and a lot of sacrifices. We can start with strong financial planning as our foundation to reach our goal,” said the Qualified Wealth Planner (QWP).

After taking many questions from the audiences, Melvin shared some tips for managing personal finances. “We must be able to have an income breakthrough, secure our finances, and achieve our financial goals,” said one of the financial selebgram in Indonesia. By arranging the above three elements, he said, our financial planning would be more measurable.

“Live your today, plan your tomorrow. We have to understand and plan what we have to do today and tomorrow. With good planning, we can be happier and yet become better qualified humans,” as Melvin closed the session.