GEN-Z and Social Media: users or creators?

Generation Z is the generation that is always connected to social media. The online platform or social media itself has two roles: users and creators. Users consist of people who only watch, read, and enjoy the content in social media. It differs from creators, people who become the creators as social media users, and providing and creating the audience’s creative content. 

The creators are suitable to the generation z lifestyle, whose very curious, accessible to the bore, and always try a new. The majority of the creators are the generation z. It is the same as with Vioni Giovanni and Fatimah Az-Zahra, who have already become social media creators. Therefore, SBM ITB Talks Episode 27 raised an interesting discussion topic about online media, better known as social media. The discussion focused more on how Generation Z utilized the media in this era.

Content Creator: Is it easy to realize?

Becoming the content creator in social media is not as easy as we imagine. Because if our content is not creative, surely we couldn’t attract the attention of the audience. Both speakers have agreed with this statement, and Vioni Giovanni gave her thoughts, “Actually, to become a content creator in social media not only to randomly create any topics. But, we must define what our capabilities are and what we love. So, if we have already defined it, we could develop our creativity better. The content that we created could be more impactful to the audience,” Fatma also gave her opinion, “If we have known what we love. We mixed it with our capabilities are. We could generate the content that attracts the audience more, and also the audience could felt the massage of the content. It makes the audience want more and more to watch our content”. Therefore, becoming a content creator is easy if we try to define what we love and know about our capabilities.

The content creator views social media.

Content creators have a different view of the meanings of social media. Perhaps, most people saw social media as the online platform to support us in defining the new information and becoming the communication platform. But, the content creator has another view. “Social media is one of our places to express our feelings, utilize our capabilities, and entertain people by the content we created. With social media too, we could educate people and increase the awareness of some topics we provided. Therefore, by social media, the audience could be more happy, increasing the knowledge and becoming more aware of the content’s meaning. For example, I always created content related to education topics, especially for the audience who want to enter the campus. The content could help and support people with more confidence to enter the campus that they want. So, I hope the content could be more impactful to my audience,” said Vioni Giovanni. 

Created the impactful content

“Usually, we, as the content creator, always try to create the impactful content. Even though every content creator has a different topic, I am always bringing the beauty care content, and Vioni brings the education content. Still, we have a common objective: creating content in social media that should be the meaning or the message that we want to share with the audience. Therefore, when the audience watches our content, they could get something new. The point is creating the content that could make people have a positive experience, mindset, and feelings”, 

Fatma added. 

Don’t be afraid to be content creators.

Every person wants to become content creators. But, they feel afraid and fear if their content hasn’t an audience who does not like it. “Honestly, we, as content creators, also feel the same. But, we rethink if we always feel afraid and fear when we could start? I think we could never start. Therefore, don’t be afraid and fear to be content creators. Feel free to create and express what we want but still follow the norms and rules. Over time, the audience will realize our content and pay more attention to our content. Be brave and try”, Vioni added in the last statement. Fatma gave her thoughts, “Don’t think for who do not like your content, because there are audiences who do not like our content. It is normal. That thought should not prevent us from going forward and creating positive content on social media. The essential is that we should always give the best and create content that positively impacts others.

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