Yos Sunitiyoso: “The sense of ownership is the most important value in leading the team”

Written by: Student reporter (Didid Rogiananto, Entrepreneurship 2021)

As we know that MBA ITB is not only in Bandung, but also in Jakarta. Established in 2007, many developments have occurred at the MBA Jakarta campus. Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso, Head of MBA ITB Jakarta campus 2010-2020 talked about the journey of leading the MBA Jakarta campus for the past 10 years.

“I first joined MBA Jakarta in March 2010, where the number of students was still around 50 and the team was still small,” said Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso in remembrance during the interview last Friday (15/01/2021). According to him, there were many challenges that he and the team had to face at that time. One of them was in introducing MBA ITB in Jakarta because the first question was in explaining about a program of Bandung Institute of Technology in Jakarta and in attracting candidates to apply. As the first ITB study program outside the main campus in Bandung, the so-called “Prodi di Luar Domisili (PDD)”, Jakarta campus implemented a direct selling strategy, an unusual approach for a state university, in several places such as offices and malls. “We opened booths in several offices and malls. The office were targeted for workers who want to take executive MBA while malls were targeted for parents and prospective full-time MBA students,” explained by Yos, who is now the Head of Decision Making & Strategic Negotiation Group, SBM ITB. With an unrelenting effort to grow, now over 1000 students are studying at the TK Low Center for Executive Education – SBM ITB Jakarta campus, located in Graha Irama 12th Floor, South Jakarta.

Over time, the MBA Jakarta campus always keeps making improvements both in terms of facilities as well as quality. According to Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso, “We always improve the quality of the MBA Jakarta campus from time to time with continuous improvements, innovative systems development, and accreditation. We have also developed both physically and non-physically so that the quality of education from the MBA Jakarta campus will be guaranteed. Additionally, by implementing a practical participant-oriented learning model combining academicians and practitioners and case method learning, students will get the required business skills at the MBA Jakarta campus.”

As a leader, Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso always maintained that all team members were working together to achieve the goal of the institution and having a high sense of belonging. “The sense of belonging is the most important value in leading the team, because with this the team members will work happily and with full motivation,” told him. During his ten years of leadership, the MBA Jakarta campus experienced many developments, including the establishment of a modern downtown campus in Graha Irama in 2013, a growing number of programs and students, and continuously accredited “A” in 2015 and 2020.


“For me, seeing the success of our alumni and the development of our students is something that makes me grateful as an educator and program director. Seeing them succeed in their respective ways is a pride for me, and of course, I hope our graduates always keep their high integrity and ethics wherever they are,” closed Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso.

Dr. Yos Sunitiyoso is an Associate Professor in Decision Making. He is now the Head of Decision Making & Strategic Negotiation Group. Outside campus, he serves as VP for Research, Development & Training for Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Indonesia. He was MBA ITB Jakarta Campus Director (2010-2020). He received awards from ITB for Teaching (2016) and Institutional Development (2017).