Their stories on running thesis during the pandemic

Written by Student Reporter (Didid Rogiananto, Kewirausahaan 2021)

Running a thesis during a pandemic has its own challenges, many things and behavior have changed. Furthermore, 3 SBM graduates from entrepreneurship and management undergraduate will tell us about it. “Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages in running a thesis during a pandemic. The drawback is that we cannot come directly to the library to read thesis references, but on the other hand, we are also given free access to find references from online sources,” said one of the entrepreneurship graduates, Ibnu Fikri Ganjar (12/11/2020).

Stress management is also very important to keep the enthusiasm for completing the thesis. Elisabeth Sirumapea that also known as Eli, from the management study program also added, “One of the most important things is communication, make sure if you don’t understand or are unclear, ask again to the lecturer. Additionally, to reduce the stress you can also do small things that make you happy, such as ordering your favorite food when you have reached the target, or talking with friends and family even if done online,” said Eli.

According to Eli, everyone has challenges in completing the thesis. “We can not say that we are the most challenging, because I believe everyone has his or her own challenges. Maybe our challenge now is more to adjust to new habits that have never been done before,” added Eli.

In line with Eli, Evita Sonny who is a graduate of the management study program also revealed that there are many aspects in need of attention, one of them is the mental aspect. “In my opinion, apart from technical problems (such as always making sure to connect to the internet, making sure the device is safe and can be used properly). There are mental aspects that need to be considered to stay focused on running the thesis during a pandemic,” said Evita.

For her future career, Evita said, “I actually want to continue my postgraduate studies abroad. But I still have a lot of considerations, especially the existence of this corona pandemic which makes it difficult, both from the administrative as well as regulatory perspectives,” she said. As the closing statement, Evita also said, “Actually, with the pandemic, many people become more creative. One of the examples is yesterday’s ITB Graduation Parade. Even though it was done online, but the use of Minicraft had livened the atmosphere.”