Cocreator: a collaboration platform

Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship 2021)

Do you want to be a content creator and work in the creative industry? Yes, it is a great time for us to still be productive amid the pandemic by making content and generating money from them. But, there are some common problems that content creators face when posting their content. 

Especially newbies, since most of them have trouble identifying a new bundle of contents that makes sense in subscription, identifying a piece of content that could be unbundled to attract many users, and identifying exclusive content that will attract many users. So that Cocreator is here to solve those problems.

Cocreator is a platform among creators, fans, and event promoters to support and collaborate. It is one of the startups incubated by SBM ITB through The Greater Hub (TGH) Batch IX. By joining Cocreator, creators can learn together and get support from fanbase & event promoters. Creators can be Copywriter & Content writer, Video & photographer, graphic designer, digital strategist, animator, musicians, artist, influencer, and other communities.

With the number of internet users in Indonesia reaching 175.4 million, active social media users reaching 160 million, and mobile phone connections reaching 338.2, it makes Cocreator one of the up-and-coming platforms for creators to collaborate and promote their contents, events, and works.

To join this platform, first users have to choose and enroll themselves to be a creator through the website, cocreator. id. Then, here is how Cocreator works:

  1. Create and share your campaign. You will get a promotional page containing your work and event, which can be accessed via a unique link that you can share.
  2. Manage your campaign. Create your work and event, show it to your fanbase and event promoters to get support, and get a rating for your performance.
  3. Hone and develop your skills. You can upgrade it with experts in their respective fields and get a certificate or license from Cocreator.    
  4. Collaborate with your fanbase and event promoters. You can collaborate to make your campaign successful.  

There are also many advantages which will be obtained by the creators when using the platform; among them, the creator can earn donations form fanbase and promoters, rating, accessibility to various classes and events, and publish their idea and creativity and have the opportunity to make money from it. 

As of October 2020, Cocreator has more than 120 creators, 987 fanbase supports, 568 creations, and 58 classes and events. By December 2020, Cocreator targets an additional 200% of creators and fanbase supports are connected via Cocreator.