Trying new things during quarantine!

Written by Student Reporter (Mitsal Athaya, Management 2022)

Since we are all getting more and more used to spending our days at home, it is inevitable to eventually realize that there are just so many movies and TV shows we could watch until we get anxious and bored. Although it may take some time to learn a new hobby, it is surely a way to get your mind off things once you set up a daily routine to keep you busy enough and prioritize mindfulness. During quarantine especially, these hobbies can propose new modes of life and stress relief.

Perhaps, you could learn to make music. This may sound like a bit of a workout for your brain, however, Mizan Muzakkir, a student of SBM ITB (2022), also known as LiL2BiG managed to grasp this new skill he initially had no experience in. “At first, it was something I never thought I would be interested in. But, because of the pandemic and all the free time I have, I decided to unlock an entirely new skill. I learned not only how to produce music, but also acquired knowledge on music theory ,”, Mizan said. The creative process may be a bumpy road, essentially, considering that this pandemic is more of an opportunity to grow rather than as a catastrophe to use as an excuse to mop around. 

Aside from that, streaming yourself playing your favorite game could be a way to enjoy yourself while at the same time sharing the joy with the people around you. Additionally, “it helps other people find new things to do. Maybe the streamed game would pique the interests of other people and tempt them to play it too whether or not they were looking for a game to play,” Mizan stated. Far more than as an entertainment medium, streaming video has arisen — now becoming a way of uniting the globe, offering the necessary resources to learn, function, and access knowledge. Moreover, not only is streaming a delightful way to pass time, but you could also generate income via sponsorships and subscriptions.

Or maybe you could start your own business! It could be a considerably high investment at first, and realistically, what you will get in return depends on the market. However, it is definitely worth attempting. “I start my business because it has been a dream for me to start a business. Right now, since there is so much room to experience and learn, I decided to start ‘axen’. I’m not scared of failure because I know I have a bunch of time to discover new things, as I run this business. For me, starting a business itself is an achievement as it takes a lot of efforts, mentally and physically, to do so. I’m not stopping here, though”, Sabrina Bilqisti, a student of SF ITB (2019), also a founder of ‘axen’ explained. 

Maybe you have something you want the whole wide world to know? You could build a platform for yourself and maybe other people with the same ambition. For instance, SPILL was created with a purpose to enlighten people about the system that the country established for students (i.e. OSPEK) and how the essence of it does not necessarily benefit the students. “Chewing on other people’s mental ability is not a way to develop one’s mind. Instead, it worsens it, as it builds insecurities and constant self-doubts”, Sabrina expressed as one of the founders of SPILL. “We started SPILL to provide a platform for people to build and enhance their creativity and mind”, Sabrina elaborated. SPILL is an organization established with the hope of creating a safe environment to empower individuals’ creativity and confidence through exchanging opinions, ideas, arts, activities, etc. with students all over Indonesia. 

These are only a few out of many hobbies or activities you could do, during quarantine. Most importantly, taking care of yourself is what should be prioritized; prevent going out for unnecessary reasons, and if you need to go out, remember to comply with the safety regulations already set out.