Want to be the next Samsan Tech? Learn how to build your team first!

Took Silicon Valley-ish as the theme, a Korean drama titled Start-up has succeeded to catch our attention. This drama tells us about a start-up business company journey that builds their business from zero and finally becomes a hero. Forget about #TeamNamDoSan or #TeamHanJiPyeong, the drama successfully increased awareness of start-up struggling and challenging environment.

Depart from this theme, The School of Business and Management ITB (SBM ITB) collaborated with the Ikatan Mahasiswa Kewirausahaan Artha (IMK Artha) to share how to build a perfect dream team.

Start-ups do not have to be about a technology business, but it can be an early stage of any business where the growth is swift and is pursuing a large market share. “But, regardless of their background, a CEO must have an entrepreneur mindset,” told Alya Salsabil Ryliannabila, CMO IMK Artha. She added that when the company faces the problem, the solution must be sought.

Then how to build the perfect team for a start-up? Let’s have a look at an explanation given by Alya. She explained that ideally, three types of characters should be present in a start-up. Some people can do business (hustler), programming (hacker), and design (hipster). In many cases, proven a mentor role in start-ups would be an advantage. A mentor will help start-up accelerating their growth faster.

Besides, SBM ITB The Greater Hub comes to facilitate start-ups for internal and external SBM ITB community. “The Greater Hub acts as an incubator. Where we accommodate the ecosystem and mentors needed by start-ups,” Arfenia Nita from The Greater Hub explained. The journey at start-up is long enough. The team must complement each other and can handle  the dynamic circumstances.

“Keep the spirit to realize the idea. Get your mentor. Last but not least, the most important, take action!” as Arfenia closed the talk.

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