Eentrepreneurial mindset: Lessons from the champion, the first zero-waste sustainable housing in Indonesia, brought Cassandra Sari Damayanti to become the winner best of the best business plan category of Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2020.

Wirausaha Muda Mandiri (WMM) is a national entrepreneurial competition aimed at finding potential young entrepreneurs who play a role in developing entrepreneurship in Indonesia so that they can compete globally. This event was held by Bank Mandiri for their CSR program.

As a young entrepreneur, Cassandra, willing to take a risk, left her job as an urban designer in a corporation then start her own business. The key is faith. She said, just believe you can do it, then the way will be open.

Cassandra’s business idea is starting from personal reason; her background in architecture makes her think about business activity from the housing system that can damage the environment. With a partner who shared the same value of the business, Cassandra and her team decided to create environmentally friendly housing in Indonesia,

“as long as you have a good intention for people, there is always a way…” She said.

The business has ups and downs, while running her business, she has trial and error, insecurities, and struggles. But after all, she found the lesson, and if you can be consistent with your business and you have a good intention with your business, you will find a way to solve your problem. Just believe you can do it. 

Doing business is not just looking for profit; having a good impact on the surrounding environment is also very important as Cassandra and her team did. Once again, congratulation Cassandra hopes your business can grow well and create a sustainable environment for Indonesia. 

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