Governance and Leadership are the Key Success of Business

Written by Student Reporter (ANdina Hutahaean, Management 2021)

On, Saturday, 10th October 2020, there is a guest lecture session in Business Ethics, Law and Sustainability MBA at SBM ITB. This session was on discussing an interesting topic, which is corporate governance and leadership in the business with MRT Jakarta as the example of implementing Corporate Governance and Leadership in infrastructure Management. The speaker of this session was Mr. William Sabandar, President Director of PT. MRT Jakarta. 

A business or company cannot be separated from rules. Because with the rules, business will run well. All business processes need a rule as the base of business sustainability. The regulation usually constitutes one of the parts of corporate governance. 

Corporate Governance itself is a system consisting of several regulations applied in a company. Corporate governance has several principles, namely transparency, accountability and security. Corporate governance itself should be implemented by a company, so that the company can become a trusted business and produce a positive impact on the country and society. 

Mr. William Sabandar shared his thoughts, “By implementing good corporate governance, whatever the project, duties and obligations can be done well and the company can produce something good for others. Hence, corporate governance itself cannot be separated from leadership. However, not just any leader can implement corporate governance. But leaders who are sensitive to Good Corporate Governance. Leaders who have the foundation of corporate governance will be able to organize his pr her team well and can even inspire all team members to do the same”. Mr. William Sabandar is the president director of PT. MRT Jakarta. He believes that with corporate governance, the system of the business can run well and be structured. 

Corporate Governance in PT. MRT Jakarta

  1. MRT Jakarta is a company that handles a fast transit transportation system using electric railway trains in Jakarta. This company is an example of a business that uses corporate governance principles. It can be seen from the vision of PT. MRT Jakarta itself, which is Increasing Mobility, Improving Life Quality. This shows that with the existence of PT. MRT Jakarta, many people can have a better life. On the other hand, PT. MRT Jakarta also has several core values reflecting Corporate Governance, namely Integrity. This value enables all MRT personnel to display an honest attitude, “one word with one action”, and act consistently in accordance with the value and organizational governance.
  2. MRT Jakarta also applies risk management in its business processes. Risk Management itself is carried out based on the Company’s Long Term Plan, company values, company vision and mission, corporate code of ethics and corporate culture. Risk Management makes all instances in the company to minimize risks that may harm the company and its surroundings. This shows that PT. MRT Jakarta supports corporate governance in the company.

“PT. MRT Jakarta implements good corporate governance to make this company become a sustainable business. By having a clear structure, applying risk management, providing transparency to the public, and realizing a creative and innovative business, PT. MRT Indonesia can become a sustainable company by always implementing good corporate governance”, Mr. William added.