Motivating isn’t that easy

Unlike from some people who thinks learning in university with its assignment and tests made their stress level rises and unmotivated, Girindra Mahesadzikri, SBM ITB 2020 graduates, just won an award as Motivator of the Year. Motivator of the Year is an award that was given to Girindra after all of SBM ITB class 2020 students went on voting to vote who deserve to get an award after three years of learning in SBM ITB. There are Motivator of the Year which Girindra won, Academic Excellence of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Conscience of the Group, and other interesting award.

This awards are given not without any reason as Girin, what he usually called as, is a person who is active in social life or in social media to speak about his perspective that can motivate people. Girin often be a speaker in many seminar or webinar, active in his youtube channel, make his own webinar session, and active to be MC. Surely, all the things that Girin has done, be a motivation to many people to be active and create something.

But, is everything that people see is enough? The smile and motivation, or positive vibes, will also have its own time to fade. On the 32nd episode now, SBM ITB Talks will talk and changing perspective with Girindra about struggle that he gone through about being someone who is famous about its motivation. Is the label given to him give him more burden, and how Girin fill his energy to keep on motivating people? Here’s what he told us

Girin has his darkest time, too

Girin said, “Sure, I have my darkest time, too! Back then, I was a shy boy who can’t even look at people’s eye. Luckily, I got many supportive friend that keep on motivating me and ensures me that I am good enough.”

I am proud who I am now

After those darkest days, Girin climbs back up to gain his confidence. Remembering those darkest days, Girin are trying to be a person that he needs for himself back then for people who are in need now. When asked, Girin said that he is proud of who he is now, and if he could turn back time, he will still want to go through those days, because he believe everything comes for a reason.

Don’t want to give negative vibes to people by pausing emotion

Looking at the social media is what mostly people do when they are stressed, that’s why Girin doesn’t want to give negative vibes to people in the social media as he experienced the negative vibes too, and he doesn’t want it to be experienced by any other people. That’s why, Girin have his own way to relieve his emotion: pause. After attending in a seminar, Girin knows that emotion can be paused to make it clear, and that’s why Girin always take his time now before he want to get angry or mock.


As a person, we all have our darkest time and bad emotions. Girin, as someone who is awarded as Motivator of the Year, too. The key is to get back up from your darkest time and be someone you need instead.

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