SIPAS and Virtual Pro with gamification business ideas to solve the problems

Written by Student Reporter (Didid Rogianantor, Entrepreneurship 2021)

The development of advanced technology has made many business ideas emerging and becoming increasingly diverse. One of the emerging business ideas is the idea of business with gamification, want to know more? The founders of SIPAS and Virtual Pro will tell you about this!

Virtual Pro is a startup engaging in sports. With the Virtual Pro application, it will support basketball players to be more productive anywhere and anytime. “Our idea came up because we like to play basketball. Besides that, we also see that there is still a lack of attention to sports athletes in Indonesia”, said M. Risal Abdillah, Founder of Virtual Pro (25/10/2020). In its work, this application will provide gamification quests that basketball players can complete and increase their productivity.

“In the future, we still want to develop applications to make it better and also to prepare strategies to join the market”, told Risal. Some of the achievements that Virtual Pro has achieved include winning the Startup Weekend Bandung event in 2019 and becoming Bandung Pitching Day 2020 Finalist.

Meanwhile, SIPAS (Smart City Parking System) is a startup that helps people to make it easier to detect parking availability. “This idea actually came from my personal experience, that is when I went to a place, I found it difficult to find a parking space and it took a long time to find it”, said Mohammad Farhan Nurrahman, Founder of SIPAS¬† (23/10/2020).

According to Farhan, “Actually, technology is a means to help us solve a problem, and with that reasoning, we want SIPAS to be able to help people in overcoming the problem and even to help the government in managing parking retribution data”. Based on the product development plan, in December 2020 the SIPAS application can be downloaded at Appstore and Playstore.

Both are startup tenants incubated by SBM ITB through The Greater Hub (TGH) Batch IX since 2020.