Gamification in business process: Yes or no?

It is undeniable that gamification does have a significant impact on increasing brand awareness of a brand. Several big companies in the world have often used gamification, starting from marketing strategies, increasing revenue, to strengthening their brand awareness. Gamification implementation can be in the form of a point system that can be exchanged for gifts or vouchers from the brands that carry out the promotion. Usually this is to motivate consumers to engage more deeply with the activities carried out by the brand. In episode 38, SBM ITB Talks will discuss about with a young lecturer at SBM ITB, Aria Bayu Pangestu who is actively conducting research related to gamification. So, what gamification is, how it works, then how to use it for marketing strategies?

It is a concept about something with rules, challenges, and rewards

If we are aware enough, we often use gamification in our daily life. It is just a matter of concept. Have you ever experienced the marketing strategy of a coffee shop that gives a point on every purchase? It is gamification enough!

To increase the fun on routines!

The reason why Aria Bayu is researching things related to gamification lies to its background, as a human resource-focused lecturer at SBM ITB. Dealing with people on daily life made Aria wonders how does gamification actually impact on people’s lives and as a new approach to people. Well, even though there’s not yet the exact answer to gamification purpose, it is made to make the communication even more fun!

It can be done by everyone in anything!

Ever heard or ever experienced a child that was told they can have what they want when they achieved something? Do you know that it is gamification? It helps the child to achieve their goal better, and that’s what the company can do too to their company members or customers! It can literally be implemented by everyone in any part of their life.

Start small, start creative

Not every target can accept gamification well, sometimes it can lead to negative impacts when you do major change without actually making sure that the target is ready for it. According to Aria, you can start to do small on changing into gamification, it doesn’t need to be implemented in a large scale because the result varies by the human’s characteristics. The key is to start small and start creatively.

Check the full version of gamification on Aria Bayu Pangestu perspective as a researcher and young lecturer at SBM ITB in SBM ITB Talks episode 38!

Announcer: Tjia Aplhani (Entrepreneuship 2022)
Interviewee: Aria Bayu Pangestu, M. HRM
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