Creating business value through technology

Technology is the main actor in all aspects of human life currently, every aspect will utilize the technology to make their life easier. Technology makes human behavior change. It will give the effect to the business aspect, every businessman or entrepreneur should know the behaviour of their consumer and they should transform their business value to the consumer rightly. So, In order to make it all clear. SBM ITB Talks will be discussing about creating social value in technology based business with Athalia Mutiara as one of the alumni in SBM ITB, and also the founder and CEO of hearme.

Hearme is one of the technology-based companies in Bandung. Hearme was created to give value to their customers which are Teman Tuli and Teman Dengar. The value of hearme is becoming the communication link between Teman Tuli and Teman Dengar, therefore they are able to communicate with each other easily. On the other hand, also wants to make people more aware of the Teman Tuli in Indonesia, become more respectful to them, and not underestimate them due to they not hear what we say. With, Teman Tuli can do their daily activities more efficiently and effectively.

From the discussion, there are a lot of insights that could be the lesson for us as the entrepreneur and businessman. SBM ITB Talks has already pointed several points toward the discussion:

Create specific and different value

In the beginning, Athalia said, “The main thing that you must consider is your business value. You should create a specific business value for a specific target and also different values from other companies. As long as I studied at university, I majored in entrepreneurship, I got this point. We as the businessman couldn’t embrace all kinds of markets. Therefore, we must choose a specific value and target market, so that we could be more focused on our business.”

Understand your business value

“After we created our specific value, we should understand our value deeply. How different our values are from other companies, what is the uniqueness of our values, and how we transform the value into the product/service properly. If we do not understand the value of our business, we couldn’t transfer it to the customer well. The customer will not get the value of our business, it makes them not interested in our service or product.” Athalia continued her thoughts.

Dare to begin your business

According to Athalia, “Hearme is the technology-based business with value as the communication link toward our customer. The technology business is not easy to create, there are a lot of factors that could make this business become a failure because, in the process, technology needs a lot of time and budget to create. A lot of businessmen back off to choose this type of business. But, we know that this era is a technology era, we can’t keep avoiding technology. Because this era will be full of technology-based. Therefore, we must begin our business right now. Don’t be afraid to try and begin our business in this modern era.”

Involve your customers in transferring the value

Athalia also said, “In hearme itself, we choose to involve the customer in transferring our value. Before pandemic, we always explain our value directly to our customers which are Teman Tuli and Teman Dengar. We showed how the product will be running and what is the function of the product until they understand how the system and value of the product. Several of our customers have already understood and felt the value, they said that our application makes the Teman Tuli communicate with others easier. They also said if they used the application, they could minimize the fault while they are working.”

Collaboration with your team

Not everyone has technology-skills, so we need collaboration with the person who has those skills. Athalia gave her opinion, “Hearme is a technology-based business, but actually I am not capable of it, I am just to know how to manage the business in finance, human resource, capital and other management aspects. So, how could the be running well? Yes, it could. The solution is to do a collaboration with the experts. In the startup model, we know the minimum viable team that consists of hustlers, hipsters, and hackers. The hackers are people who are experts on technology, in our business we should have those three roles. Because, it will be impossible if one person is mastering all roles and if any, the process will be not effective. So, we need the collaboration and the collaboration should run well to achieve the effective system and best output of our business.”

Student Announcer: Andina Putri (Management 2021)
Interviewee: Athalia Mutiara Laksmi, SM (Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Alumni Class of 2020 and CEO at Hear Me Company)
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