Designed for those who have strong research and analytical skills, MSM in General Management is a program aimed to develop professional scholars who are highly demanded by world’s leading companies which operate in a complex, innovation-intensive, data-driven environment, also by educational institutions that look for experienced researchers and lecturers.

We develop your ability to examine and analyze management research to understand what lies beneath best practices. Our structured program curriculum is not only giving you major theory of management but also the opportunity to apply research methods to existing and emerging contextual business problems. In this program, you are able to customize educational experience based on your academic, professional, and research interests.

Commencement date:
Every August
Length of study:
18 months

Class schedule :
From 08.00—17.00 (depending on the schedule)

Total credits :
36 credits in 3 long semesters and 1 short semester

Course Structure


To prepare students for the regular semester, a matriculation program of 1 week is organized before the commencement. This program is also an opportunity for students to be considered to receive full/partial scholarship where one of the criteria is based on the ranking evaluation of the performance at the matriculation program.

Required courses:
Fundamentals of Management (Philosophy and Applied)
Introduction to Research Methods
Decision Making
Fundamentals of Marketing
Fundamentals of Finance
Fundamentals of Operation
Fundamentals of People and Knowledge Management
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Business Analytics

Semester 1: Foundation of Research Skills

This semester is the foundation stage for research development.

Required courses:
Management Thought and Research (3 credits)
Quantitative Research Methodology (3 credits)
Qualitative Research Methodology (3 credits)
Modelling in Management (3 credits)

Semester 2: Advancement of Research Skills

The second semester is the stage for enriching and deepening your research interests.

Required courses:
Management Research Design (3 credits)
Advanced Statistics (3 credits)
Elective 1 (3 credits)
Elective 2 (3 credits)

Semester 3: Research Proposal, Writing & Publication

The third semester is the execution stage to conduct research, seminars, and thesis. You will carry out research projects including data gathering and processing, analysis and conclusion drawing, and reporting your findings in the form of thesis/publication.

The program requires you to publish your research in either accredited national or indexed international journals.

Required courses:
Thesis (6 credits)
Elective 3 (3 credits)
Elective 4 (3 credits)

Elective Courses for MSM in General Program

Business Strategy and Marketing
  • Branding Strategies (3 credits)
  • Business Strategy Analysis (3 credits)
  • Consumer Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
  • Market Research (3 credits)
  • Service Marketing Strategies (3 credits)
  • Technology Commercialization (3 credits)
Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation
  • Agent Based Modelling and Simulation (3 credits)
  • Conflict and Resolution Analysis (3 credits)
  • Creative Problem Solving (3 credits)
  • Service Science (3 credits)
  • System Modelling for Policy Development (3 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Technology Management
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship Study (3 credits)
  • Family Business (3 credits)
  • Management of Innovations (3 credits)
  • Product Development Management (3 credits)
  • Small Business and Development (3 credits)
  • Advanced Topics in Management (3 credits)
  • Consulting Project (3 credits)
  • Internship (3 credits)
Operation and Performance Management
  • Advanced Operation Strategies (3 credits)
  • Performance Management (3 credits)
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
People and Knowledge Management
  • Competence Based People Management (3 credits)
  • Conflict and Change Management (3 credits)
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Organizations (3 credits)
  • Leadership Theory (3 credits)
  • Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
  • Social Science in Management Studies (3 credits)


  1. If taking all electives from a single concentration: “concentration on that particular interest group”
  2. If taking two electives from concentration A and one elective from concentration B: “major in A and minor in B” (e.g. major in marketing and minor in entrepreneurship).
  3. If taking one elective from A, one from B and one from C: “minor in A, B and C” (e.g. minor in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Human Resource)

Alumni Stories

  • It provides a very demanding path for my future career as an expert, and it is closely related to my career objectives. Furthermore, SBM ITB’s reputation is very promising as one of the best business school in Indonesia, so that joining MSM program which is very affordable is very delightful.

    MSM - GM - Daniel
    Daniel Adrian
    Associate Consultant, Skha Consulting
  • I decided to go to MSM ITB because of many reasons: an awesome learning experience, low cost, industry practitioner instructors and the possibility to improve my ability to do research. Furthermore, I desire to become a lecturer, so I feel MSM ITB is the right choice.

    MSM - GM - Yessie
    Yessie Fransiska Lydiana
    HR Business Partner PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.
  • I chose MSM because I want to learn Management in Science to understand the deeper knowledge about Management. Also, MSM has the good curriculum that focus on research. It provides their students to learn both theories and practical in management that supported by the best lecturers that gives students new knowledge and insight.

    MSM - GM - Niken
    Niken Larasati
    Research Assistant, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
  • Studying in MSM was not easy as it was academically challenging for me. The learning method and academic rigor from my past experience as a student really helped my development as a lecturer in my current institution. I was taught to be creative when facing a certain problem and the learning environment has always encouraged me to keep a critical mindset when approaching certain matters related to my study. The most fascinating aspect of studying in MSM is the egalitarian approach from almost every lecturer when interacting with students. As students, we were treated as equals, and it really helped our study in MSM.

    MSM - GM - Syauqy
    Syauqy Lukman, S.Ikom, MSM
    Lecturer at Faculty of Communication Science - Padjadjaran University
  • MSM is program that prioritizes the quality of its graduates. During the lecture, I got much additional knowledge in the field of management, especially marketing management which is my expertise. In addition, I also do a variety of scientific research as well as the chance to be a part-time tutor in SBM ITB Undergraduate Program. It is an experience that I never imagined. In this program, I met lecturers and faculty members who are dedicated and committed to the science and academic life. In addition, I also met some friends coming from various universities and institutions in Indonesia.

    MSM - GM - Indira
    Indira Rachmawati, ST, MSM
    Lecturer at Faculty of Economics and Business - Telkom University
  • At first, studying in MSM wasn’t easy, but the lecturers, environment, colleagues, and also the way the lecturers teach us help you a lot. At the moment, I can adapt easily and study comfortably. I took one of the majors, Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation and learned a lot of things such as how to make a good decision, be creative and logical when you want to find the right way to get the solutions. These are the three examples that I implement in my job today.

    MSM - GM - Kiki
    Kiki Sarah Amalia, MSM
    Analyst, Statistic Department of Bank Indonesia

How to Apply

Annually, MSM ITB commence classes on August. Early preparation become the important step to enroll and start an embarking journey with MSM ITB.

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Costs and Scholarships

Semester 1 IDR 13,500,000
Semester 2 IDR 13,500,000
Semester 3 (short semester) IDR 5,000,000
Semester 4 IDR 13,500,000
Total IDR 45,500,000


  • Confirmation fee and all costs cannot be refunded in all conditions, including when students fail to register or finish the program
  • SBM ITB reserves the right to adjust the above information
  • Tuition fee waivers (fully or partly) are available at competitive basis

There are some opportunities to get a scholarship during your study in MSM SBM ITB. Approximately 50 % active MSM SBM ITB students currently receive scholarships from several sources. Some of them are:

  • Full and Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship from MSM ITB

    MSM SBM ITB annually provides scholarships to students. This is a competitive scholarship, awarded to students based on their outstanding achievement on matriculation and other criteria such as GPA and TOEFL scores. Each year, this scholarship is provided to six MSM students whose academic performance will be evaluated each semester. The awardees will be involved in the educational process and research in SBM ITB, both as a teaching assistant (tutor) and a research assistant.

  • Research Assistantship Scholarship

    Research assistantship scholarship is offered by research centers/labs and interest groups at SBM ITB.